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Tsvi Bokaer

One-Reeler Silent Movies gave me a key to a world where daydreaming the movies became a way of life & where American Cinema was King until the European New Wave swept me & my generation.


At UCLA & Berkeley, going for broke in the freewheeling filmmaking spirit of the late 60’s, I wrote, produced, and directed ‘Made in Wonderland’, a 16 mm B&W feature film about the Free Speech Movement on a college campus.


With that under my belt, I turned screenwriter; ‘The Last Romantic’, ‘Nebraska Sue’, ‘Love of Lilah’, ‘Birds of a Feathers’, ‘Wenonah’, ‘Adventures of A Jewish Gardner in The City of Angels’, ‘A Long Ride Home’, gathered praise & money, until good, hands-on filmmaking came calling once again.


FallCreekPictures is an independent filmmaking outfit where bridging daydreaming movies & making movies, as daringly as early filmmakers made them, we produce content that is alive with a true love for moving pictures.

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  On edge, his wits on fire & full of voices, The Prince of Denmark  becomes each & every one of Elsinore’s Players. Making them his own, no holds barred, Hamlet acts them out fully, capturing the maddeningly conflicted states he struggles with in order to find himself. Recorded live in the round with a clarity of purpose deeply ingrained in the playwright & his hero’s words, words, words, the film captures Shakespeare’s play with electrifying energy & a renewed sense of purpose.

‘Dancing to Ukrayna’

In Pre-Production

‘Omicron Blues’

In Development


‘Written in the Stars...'

In Development


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