Tsvi Bokaer

One-Reeler Silent Movies gave me a key to a world where daydreaming the movies became a way of life & where American Cinema was King until the European New Wave swept me & my generation.


At UCLA & Berkeley, going for broke in the freewheeling filmmaking spirit of the late 60’s, I wrote, produced, and directed ‘Made in Wonderland’, a 16 mm B&W feature film about the Free Speech Movement on a college campus.


With that under my belt, I turned screenwriter; ‘The Last Romantic’, ‘Nebraska Sue’, ‘Love of Lilah’, ‘Birds of a Feathers’, ‘Wenonah’, ‘Adventures of A Jewish Gardner in The City of Angels’, ‘A Long Ride Home’, gathered praise & money, until good, hands-on filmmaking came calling once again.


FallCreekPictures is an independent filmmaking outfit where bridging daydreaming movies & making movies, as daringly as early filmmakers made them, we produce content that is alive with a true love for moving pictures.

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  On edge, his wits on fire & full of voices, The Prince of Denmark  becomes each & every one of Elsinore’s Players. Making them his own, no holds barred, Hamlet acts them out fully, capturing the maddeningly conflicted states he struggles with in order to find himself. Recorded live in the round with a clarity of purpose deeply ingrained in the playwright & his hero’s words, words, words, the film captures Shakespeare’s play with electrifying energy & a renewed sense of purpose.



A Film Trilogy

Part One


In Pre-Production

On location NYork City Summer 2021

  Struggling with Broken Heart Syndrome, Elena is a NYork City dancer who fearlessly believes that dance & dance alone will cure her ailment. On the verge, knowing that her lover dance partner Bruno is in danger in a far away country now at war, Elena decides to bring him out of the dark shadows he is in by performing on Seven NYork City Sites.


On a summer night, fans & followers trailing behind her, Elena performs The Dances of The Seven Veils she used to perform with Bruno, gradually getting in a trance like state where she feels & sees Bruno dancing by her side. Running out of meds, Elena dances one last dance with dawn before finally collapsing at the foot of The Freedom Towers in what she believes to be her lost lover’s arms.



A Film Trilogy

Part Two


In Pre-Production

  Back home in ‘Falling Waters’, Broken Heart Syndrome Elena refuses medical intervention & runs away from the hospital to the hills surrounding the city & the lakes where she grew up. On her own in mother wild nature, Elena begins to move to its rhythms like a dancing Robinson Crusoe, recouping slowly but surely.


The Broken Heart Syndrome & Bruno’s loss Fade Away, giving Elena a brand new take on dance & movement & with summer coming she drifts back home to Falling Waters. After performing a brand new dance for her folks & her friends to prove her heart is in her Own Good Hands, she is now ready to go back & perform again in her beloved NYork City.


A Film Trilogy

Part Three


In Pre-Production

Coming back to New York City, Elena is now ready to work on & perform a brand new set of dances to celebrate her return to the city she loves. With the help of dancers & performers & musicians she has known & worked & danced with, Elena sets out to design her very own ‘Manhattan Steps.’

Confident that she has now parted ways with a spellbinding Broken Heart Syndrome, with Bruno’s shadow, with ‘The Dances of the Seven Veils’, Elena’s heart is now in her own good hands. With ‘Manhattan Steps,’ Elena brings together a love for dance & a love for the city, a love for all New Yorkers who live in & make New York the vibrant magnetic center it is.

With all of New York City her stage, Elena brings into ‘Manhattan Steps’ a wild mix of cultures & styles & influences that is the very soul of the city she loves, creating a brand new work, a New York dance show for the age.


In Development

New York, NY

  Dave, Rob & Samie, a Lincoln, Nebraska, National Guard trio, go on a first-time whirlwind visit of NYork City before shipping out to a Third Duty Tour in The Middle East. On that summer night, in The City That Never Sleeps, they stumble upon El Moghrabia, an Arab singer songwriter running away from the record label execs & the crass mismanagement of her first American tour.


 As luck would have it, the Arab singer is Samie’s most beloved singer. A first born Arab American himself, he dragged his pals to one of her concerts way back when they were in Kuwait City. As luck would also have it, a fortune teller that night tells the Arab singer songwriter on the run that she will get a sudden crush on young man truly fond of her & that he will die soon afterwards…


  Rushing from one NYork site to another, with their newly found friend singing Al Fresco her best Arabic Tunes to enthused NYorkers, El Moghrabia & the Trio spend the night taking in the city in all its summer glory while the entire NYork police force is on their trail.  Using the Arab singer songwriter’s escape from their grip as a ploy to get free publicity, the record label execs pretend that their Arab star has been kidnapped for ransom by a trio on the run.


  Several wild adventures & one horrendous Brawl at The Freedom Tower Memorial later, The Arab singer says goodbye to the trio. With early morning at Grand Central Station she sings one of her most wrenching tunes, never able to tell Samie, a first born arab American smitten in love with her & on his way to war in the Middle East, that he was the young man the fortune teller was speaking of...




In Development

Sevilla, Spain

Querencia is a place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home, it is a place where Vigo, an Old Time Jewish Sefardi filmmaker, is searching for a long lost home as he begins to work on a film about ‘Una Melodia Melancolica’, a Mischievous Melodica Melancolica flowing at will, freely over The Juderia, The Jewish Quarters, slowly spreading over the City of Seville, Spain.


Querencia is Seville, a place where Paloma is her most authentic self, it is the home of a Cantante Apasionada, a well known Soprano who sings to her heart’s content Spanish Tunes of Old, Seville a place where Paloma a lover of songs may be the very source of the Mischievous Melodia Melancolica known as The Tune.


Querencia is Seville, a place that Meier Bardavid’s Jewish Ancestors had to leave during the Spanish Inquisition, it is a place the Old 15th Century Sefardi Sevillano Meier is revisiting while on a week long Visit from Heaven.


Querencia is Seville, the City where Vigo & Paloma & Meier come together during the filming of “Querencia y Agridulce’, where The Tune flowing over The Juderia & the City leads each one of them to accept & come to terms with the lasting impressions & connections Sevilla has left on them. 


Querencia y Agridule Dulce is Sevilla a Sweet City for those like Paloma who lives & loves her as her home, it is also Sevilla a Sweet & Bitter City for those Sefardi Jews like Vigo & Meier who love her & cannot make it their home again.



In Development

  In the mid-19th century, as the young United States pushed their boundaries geographically, two American poets of equal power and audacity, braved frontiers of literary expansion in opposite directions from each other, creating some of  the most enduring & original work in American Poetry.